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Month: July 2014

3 Best Innovative Apps of 2013

Sometimes, boring old reality just isn’t good enough – so you need to augment it! While that might not be entirely true for every aspect of life, it’s part of the philosophy behind the wave of augmented reality apps that is breaking on the market – the ones that provide a solution to those ‘I wish I had the power to do this’ moments and add an extra dimension to your existence.

Not convinced? Then let’s have a quick round-up of the three most innovative apps of 2013 and see if we can change your mind.

1)    SpotCrime is an app that has your personal safety in mind. Maybe you want to know just how safe your community is or maybe you’re passing through an unfamiliar part of a town or city and just don’t like the look of it; SpotCrime gives you a criminal history of that area.

Using GPS technology to identify exactly where you are, this app displays recent crime activity in the area you specify, giving details of different crimes, such as arson, burglary, assault and vandalism. The other use for this piece of crime-fighting tech is for people moving to a new area. While the house you’re looking at might be ideal, you can give the streets a quick scan and find out whether or not the location is all that it’s cracked up to be.

2)    If you’ve got kids, then you’ve probably heard of Minecraft; the virtual construction game in which users spend hours building their own Empires. Think Online Lego and you’re halfway there. The Minecraft Reality app allows your budding architects to see how their creations would look against the backdrop of the real world. Upload your creation, point your phone at the place you want to see it in and – boom – Minecraft just got real!

3)    This is one we’re particularly excited about. The Guinness World Records book has bamboozled and astonished people for years. To coincide with the release of the 2014 edition, GWR have released an accompanying app that takes things to the next level.

This app is free; you simply download it and wave it over pages of the book to see certain sections come to life. While your kids might love the idea of taking control of the world’s largest dinosaur and watching it stomp all over the pages, you might be more interested in checking out video clips of some of the most exciting records or getting the whole family sat round your iPad to get a virtual view from the top of Mount Everest.

The Book of Guinness World Records has always been something for everyone and this super-fun app augments that reality, to give the records extra depth. There’s plenty of fun stuff too, like checking out how you’d look with the world’s largest beard or the world’s longest tongue. But for those who really want to know what goes on behind the scenes of a world record, there’s plenty of interesting virtual information.

So – what do you think? While augmented reality might not be on your radar just yet, it’s a sure-fire bet that it will be in the near future.…

5 Top Tricky Yet Effective Link Building Tactics for 2014

In this post Penguin and Panda world, you would have heard again and again the quality is backlinks are more important than the quantity. It is true in some cases, because the type of inbound links that you were thinking it is safe for your website have been faded away.

Though building inbound links are essential, which can have the potential to put up in first page of the search engine results, you must know the ways that are currently working well to build quality links. Sometimes your link building tactics improve your page’s ranking to a certain extent but fails to reach the top elusive on the bluehost coupon code first page. Here are a few effective link building tactics that you should start following in 2014!

Building Connections to your Brand

As a brand, one must provide quality information (content) to the public through various forms especially when the business is online based platform. But the digital world is always over ruled by the giants named search engines with some complex algorithms. There is no wonder that these search engines loves fresh and unique content.

This is somewhat easier as many businesses have limited their outreach and communications with audience to exploit or popularize their products as a brand! Building relationships is the first key concept to building brand. But the very huge doubt is how!

It is very tricky yet effective! It is nothing but building relationships with the authors and bloggers of your niche and getting involved with them in discussing your steps to build your brand. Develop healthy relationships with mighty bloggers in the form of mentions in your content, comments, business networks, appreciations, etc. Small business or startups who always suffer from low network connections with less visibility can make use of this tactic to build their brand!

Updating an Outdated Content

Another tactic is to use deleted, obsolete content that are orphaned. Sometimes this content can turn to goldmine when you upgrade it to the newer version. Giving it a new tweak with minor updates can make it lively. Some simple ways to refresh old forgotten content are:

  • Searching for some outdated content on high quality websites that matches your niche topic. Reach those bloggers or owners and if he would be interested in your new content that you offer for their visitors. Share your updated content with quality backlinks.
  • Make sure you choose the old page that has high rank and popularity.
  • Give proper credits. Invest good content by providing necessary compliments.
  • Refreshing the orphaned documents is another cool technique that can earn good quality links.

Making Infographics, the picture of Future

Research says Images along with texts can boost your traffic by 10% or more. Images are the first thing that human brains register very quickly. Infographics are the best way of popularizing brand in the current world. The data inside the images must be short and sweet with clearly readable content with some attributes bold, flat design and colorful backgrounds that can drive huge traffic.

Another important thing when you consider infographic is the data. They are the crucial elements of content curation marketing in the present scenario. You can avail them from any internet resource or information hubs. When you have compelling content built with innovative graphics that drives huge visitors, you can seek some bloggers with request to post your infographic with their link back.

Guest Posting, still alive

There may be a millions of blogs or sites that occupy unwanted space in the internet hub. But the fact is there are few thousands of websites that have turned out to be a resource spot for niche topics. Scan the web for such quality blogs and exactly those that could credit your company’s goals. Slot down their names in hierarchical order in excel that will be helpful in managing your data. Request your query to the admins of those blogs and ask for guest post submissions.

Make sure to check the website’s Page Rank, backlinks, authority, trust worthiness, etc before doing it. In order get your content approved, try hiring experienced writers to submit your content and satisfy the website owner for earning a sure backlink in return.

Social, the new SEO

Over the past few years, the influence of social networking sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, etc has been the people’s search and almost everyone are getting engaged on it. The social search is getting more critical day by day and in few days it will be getting embraced as strategic search engine optimization tactics.

So social media should be the new focus for every SEO or those who feel they need ultimate online presence and build authority over web.

 Author Bio: Amy Jasmine is a blogging enthusiast! She works for a leading SEO services company in Chennai. Apart from work she loves to blog and share inspiring stuff on the web.

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iPhone: A trend or need of youngsters?

This is the modern era of technology and a number of omnipresent types of gadgets are available to general public. These gadgets range from laptops and tablets to smartphones and smartwatches. Modern types of smart glasses have also been introduced such as Google glasses. They are interesting things as they occupy less space and do more work, i.e. according to our requirements and expectations. They also have almost everything in one place. Most popular among them is smartphone that has a web browser, multimedia player, an organizer, a clock, a calculator and many more such things. Although there are some problems with these devices such as battery life, which is not very long, but still humanity likes these things due to the number of advantages they have. Youngsters are among the fastest growing groups of taking-up smartphone for their use. It is expected that the percentage would also increase with time. You can also see that mobile makers are also working on the making of such advertisements that are targeting young consumers.


Some vital facts:

Among the most popular smartphones, iPhone is at the top. This phone made the history of becoming the fastest selling phone and enjoyed most loyal consumership. iPhone belongs to a series of smartphones produced and marketed by Apple Inc. It has mobile operating system developed by Apple, which is referred to as iOS. Very first iPhone was introduced by Apple Inc. in June, 2007. Latest iPhone in this series belongs to the 7th generation, i.e. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, and were introduced on September 10, 2013. Every generation of iPhone came with an advanced form of iOS.

Amazing structure:

iPhone has a multi-touch screen technology with an integrated virtual keyboard. iPhone is also equipped with the ability to capture videos, which became the important feature in iPhone 3GS and since then it is an important feature of iPhone. iPhone can also take photos and present them in a beautiful way. With iPhone 4, a higher-resolution of 960×640 “Retina Display” was introduced. Moreover, this generation of iPhone has VGA technology front facing camera and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with 720p video capture. This camera was upgraded in the next generation in iPhone 4S to an 8-megapixel camera having 1080p video recording. iPhone can send and get emails, go to internet and check websites, and do other functions with the help of applications (programs, called as “apps”).  As of October 2013, App Store of Apple Inc. has one million apps produced and developed by Apple and various third parties from around the world.


This smartphone has the capability to connect with a number of cellular networks through Wi-Fi. It can connect to 1xRTT and GPRS (represented in the form of a circle on the status bar), EDGE (represented in the form of a capital E on the status bar), UMTS and EV-DO (represented in the form of 3G), a speedier version of UMTS and 4G (represented in the form of a 4G symbol on the status bar), and LTE (represented in the form of a LTE on the status bar).

iPhone became the world’s top-selling phone and gave Apple Inc. a huge amount of business and make it one of the most valuable company.

Popular because of its features:

All these features make iPhone an attractive thing for youngsters. They dreamt of having an iPhone with so much interesting features and possibilities. They knew that with this gadget they can not only communicate with family members, friends and other people in the world but they would be able to do much more than this. Many of the features in iPhone, when combined with huge number of apps from different categories can help them in finding something new and interesting every time they use their smartphone. These apps include social networking applications, productivity applications, study applications and many such other applications. They can use these apps during travel to other cities and countries. They can also use these apps for their studies as for example there are many apps which are helpful in preparation of exams, some other apps are the types of tutorials, some apps are in the form of dictionaries and the list goes on.

How youngsters utilize iPhone?

Youngsters can use iPhone Homework applications for the management of their time and schedule. With the help of these applications, they can do their assignments and duties without any difficulty. They can also use Exam applications having a lot of questions designed in the form of a question paper. So, youngsters, which are mostly students, would be able to expose them to the examination like environment, thereby increasing their confidence in exams.  Youngsters can also use their iPhone to learn a new language as there are many types of language learning applications. Youngsters can also take help from these applications while visiting some other countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Pakistan and many other countries. These apps can also help in providing translation services, so that the person would be able to talk and understand the language of people living in that country. Similarly, they can help in making them expert in English speaking and writing. There are also many different kinds of science applications covering almost every field of science ranging from chemistry and physics to biology and geology. They can easily get information about different elements of the periodic table and molecular arrangements of formulae. These applications can also help in doing research on different topics. With the help of iPhone, youngsters can also take notes without any difficulty as many different types of apps have made it easy to write on iPhone and take notes. Youngsters can also use various types of photo editing, imaging and art making apps that could help them in creative use of these gadgets.  All these features are clearly showing that iPhone is a multipurpose device useful for youngsters living in any community.

Moreover, some universities and academies have asked students to bring iPhone, so that they would convey the educational material in a better way. These things show that iPhone is more than a trend and is a kind of requirement for youngsters.…